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My logo is alive at Budeia Logde Living! Visit Tromsø and stay here!

My logo is alive!!!

Want to visit Tromso? Stay at Budeia Logde Living!

My logo is alive on BudeiaLodge.no now. I am so glad and satisfied with the result, and the place is stunning. Are you thinking anytime to come to Tromsø, i recommend this place to stay. It is in an old house that have beautiful interior and view over the fjord.

Tromsø is a city in northern Norway, is a major cultural hub above the Arctic Circle. It’s famed as a viewing point for colorful Northern Lights that sometime light up the nighttime sky. The city’s historic center, on the island of Tromsø, is distinguished by its centuries-old wooden houses. The 1965 Arctic Cathedral, with its distinctive peaked roof and soaring stained-glass windows, dominates the skyline.

Take a look at the sites and come visit us! <3

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14 visninger
Kunstgalleri Malangen Kystkulturfestival 2020
Fri, Jul 17
Jul 17, 4:00 PM – Jul 19, 4:00 PM
Malangen, Skutvik, 9055 Meistervik, Norge
Utstilling Svergie Skeppsholmen
Sat, Aug 01
Aug 01, 7:00 PM
Skeppsholmen, Skeppsholmen, 111 49 Stockholm, Sverige
UTSTILLING - Cafe inkluSiv
Tue, Jan 07
Café Inklusiv
Jan 07, 10:00 AM
Café Inklusiv, Balstun 2, 9050 Storsteinnes, Norge
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